Audience Feedback

Love Is In The Air (2010)

"Excellent show - energetic, scary, sensitive, creative, dance with tenderness and brilliant attitude."

"Absolutely spellbinding! It was fantastic watching all the various facets. What a wonderful tale an olde masterpiece brought into the modern world with integrity and passion."

"All excellent! Brilliant! Electric!"

"Breathtaking, and very different to anything I have seen before."

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things (2010)

"Loved the fact it was live music."

"I could have watched and listened all night....true joy. Thankyou."

"Very new material for me - I loved it!"

"Her footwork and facial expressions is simply overwhelming. All these concerts were a treat to watch. "

Previous shows

“An extremely inspirational show, very accessible, amazing choreography, wonderful music, brilliant ideas. Simply breathtaking.” (Valentina Grechhi April 2008)

“I found this production accessible, fantastic dancing and choreography. I like the use of media, the live music and the involvement of the musicians in the piece. Great!”  (Pilar Sanchez, April 2007)

“The dancers were incredible and the musicians brilliant, especially the vocalist. I’d go and see it again tonight with as many of my friends that I could muster if it was possible!”  (Nigel Haworth, April 2007) 

“I’ve never seen Indian Classical Dance before and was overwhelmed by the performance last night – so much energy and clearly so well practised so as to master everything to perfection. I will certainly go and see Indian Classical dancing again, if I get the chance.”(James R Wood, April 2006) 

“I loved the use of hands, eyes and facial expression, the vitality and power in the dancers’ movements and I found I could not take my attention from them for a second.”(Clare and Paul Sheridan, April 2006)

“Completely spellbounding – breathtaking and dynamic – enchanting.”(Christine Nionty, November 2006)

“Beautiful and mesmerizing.  Wanted to see more.”(Alice Rowlands, November 2006)

Venue Feedback

 “The performance was very well received.  The music was also a welcome change and integrated beautifully into the performance as a whole.” – The Rose, Ormskirk

“The leads were two lovely performers.” – Harrow Arts Centre, London 

“Excellent.” – Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy