Press Reviews

The key contests between these distinctive movement and vocal forms completely captured the overall atmosphere of enmity and mistrust between the two gangs... the balcony scene, where the physical structure is here represented in an aerial hoop some 10 feet above the stage level, was an extraordinarily imaginative and romantic interpretation. -, Monday 22 November 2010

Trading the graceful and robust moves of Bharatanatyam between the dancers certainly provides a fitting representation of the actions of lads on a Sunday league game down the park. Everything from the facing off between teams to scoring and celebrating goals is there. - The Stage, Friday 8 February 2008

In Rajarani’s skillful hands, a onetime temple-dance style usually performed by women in saris becomes a vehicle for expressing the daily, cutthroat rat-race of urban businessmen. Why not? In both professions, you have to be precise to succeed. - Village Voice, Tuesday, October 2nd 2007

Another choreographer might have been tempted to embellish this simple tale. Rajarani relishes its sparseness. For her, the rhythmic intricacies of bharatanatyam are the story. And the dancer herself is a work of art. - The Independent, Sunday, 22 April 2007

Nina weaves pure, intricate patterns with her fingers. Her expressions are elusive and her eyes sparkle knowingly. Up on her feet she moves briskly yet with sublime poise and consummate grace. Four male dancers match her complex rhythms and create complementary geometric forms. - The Stage, Monday 30 October 2006

Quick! by Nina Rajarani, performed at stunning speed by four male Bharatanatyam dancers in suits and ties, shows the strains and pressures of the business day. To a deafening torrent of tabla-runs, Rajarani throws in faster and faster routines. - The Observer, Sunday 1 October 2006

...its stamping percussive energies and mimetic animation are filled with frantic testosterone vanity and the high-powered stress of the modern businessman. Rajarani’s take on classical Indian dance is invigorating. - The Times, September 27, 2006

...four guys in city clothes dance the most testosterone-infused bharatanatyam I have seen. Rajarani's conceit is to link the speed and glitter of the Indian dance to the frenetic pace of modern life. - The Guardian, Tuesday 26 September 2006

It was the first and only piece from the 20 semi-finalists to have the audience cheering and applauding during its performance. - Ballet Magazine, 16th September 2006

Her technique is beautiful, her speed and rhythm extraordinary and her feet fascinating to watch. A single toe movement can convey volumes.- The Stage, Tuesday 21 March 2006

You can almost feel the heat of India emanating from her stamping, jingle-belled feet. She has expressive eyes and there is something very endearing, humorous and entertaining in her expressions. I also found my eyes wandering to the musicians, who have a choreography of their own.- The Stage, Friday 18 March 2005