Our Dance School

Srishti - Nina Rajarani Dance School is based at the Harrow Arts Centre in Hatch End, Middlesex, and provides traditional training in Bharatanatyam dance and Karnatic music from age 5 years upwards. Since 2016, Kathak dance classes have been established at the school.

The school started in 1991 and is lead by Nina Rajarani MBE who is the principal Bharatanatyam tutor at the school. Karnatic vocal is taught by Y Yadavan, and Kathak dance is taught by Parbati Chaudhury. Over the years, the school has earned itself an admirable reputation where students pride themselves upon the high standard of dancing and singing they aim to achieve. The school emphasises adherence to the classicism of Kathak and Bharatanatyam dance and Karnatic music, ensuring training with a strong foundation firmly rooted in tradition.

The school performs publically at least twice a year, allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned over the year as well as giving them the opportunity to experience dancing in a performance setting outside of the classroom.

Audience feedback

We were so impressed with the incredible show last night; it was really fantastic. I can now appreciate the high standards and superb dancing that your school produces - truly wonderful. Also we were so happy to see that our daughter has learnt so much in such a short time, she thoroughly enjoyed herself, as did we. Thanks for a lovely evening.

Just to say, tonight's dance show was absolutely brilliant. I loved every moment of it. I am so glad my daughter comes to you to learn this beautiful art, and so thankful that you are her guru.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the show last night. ...it was really amazingly choreographed and performed. 

Well done girls your performance today was outstanding!! I especially loved the Mahabharata.

Hearty congratulations on putting on such a wonderful show.

My sister who came to watch the show from Ilford was impressed with all the performances and the organisation of the whole event, so thanks for pulling together a good show - it was well worth the drive from East London. We were especially surprised and impressed by how well the teeny weeny beginners remembered their dance routine! 

I would like to thank you for training the students to put up such a beautiful performance. It was a pleasure for the eyes. I am glad my daughter could be a part of it. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and commend you for a wonderful show. We enjoyed this very much. 

The show was brilliant. We all enjoyed it very much. Thanks for all your hard work.